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Towny Reset Vanilla
 FatherJasper •   16 days ago •  59

We're so excited to announce an awesome change on Aurora! We'll be resetting the 🏙️Towny🏙️ server! Our goal is to make the experience on Aurora fun and cool, and we feel Towny needs a do-over to make that happen.

We will be resetting all levels, ranks, items, balances, etc.

We will be allowing all donors to submit a ticket to receive their rank and rewards again. (You must have logged into the server once to do this after the reset)

We will allow folks to keep their first Player Vault. BUT, you will only be allowed access as the rank allows... (ex. when you start you'll get the first row, when you rank up you'll gain access to the second) This will be a fun way to allow you to keep certain items and slowly rele...

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Staff of the Month
 Lullabye13 •   3 months ago •  169

We here at Aurora Craft have a staff team dedicated to creating a fun and healthy environment for you, our players. Without this team we would never be able to do any of the things that we are able to do. Many of our team work with the code of the game, many build buildings, some head secret projects. With all of the hard work the staff put in we have decided that once a month we will be celebrating one staff member by naming them Staff of the Month.

This month's Staff of the Month has been hard at work ever since they have joined us. They are head of our Custom Mobs project and made all of the custom bosses found on our vanilla towny server. Between being a Youtuber, a Twitch Streamer, and writing their own game this Staff...

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Vanilla Changes Vanilla
 FatherJasper •   4 months ago •  203

We're excited to announce the in seven days the End and Nether will reset on Vanilla. Hope this will make it an awesome experience.

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Pixelmon Beta Modded
 Lullabye13 •   4 months ago •  186

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to accept applications for Pixelmon Beta! We are looking for dedicated players of all play styles, and experience to help test this new server!

As long as you have joined our discord you are eligible to apply! 

Apply at this link!

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HOW TO PLAY Announcement
 FatherJasper •   6 months ago •  261

Play Creative, Survival, & Towny with dozens of others!

How to Play

1. Open Minecraft: Java Edition

2. Click "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server"

3. Name: Aurora Craft

4. Server Address:

How to Join on Mobile

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