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Guide to joining with Bedrock
All consoles can join third-party servers - including Geyser servers - with workarounds. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch systems can join third-party servers using a third-party program called BedrockConnect. On PS4, other methods are available for use.
X-Box One

Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4

Unfortunately at this time, PS4 does not have any external server support. However, there are ways around this by emulating a LAN game on your network on another device.

Note that this method will also work with any other Bedrock platform other than Nintendo Switch.

Using a PC with a PlayStation 4

If you have a PC, you can useĀ Phantom.

Using an Android Device with a PlayStation 4

If you have an Android device, you have several options:

Using an iOS device with a PlayStation 4

If you have an iOS 14+ device, you can useĀ BedrockTogether.