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Welcome to AuroraCraft
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News & Announcements
We'll post news and announcements here for Aurora Craft
6 topics
6 posts
Staff of the Month
by Lullabye13 /profile/Lullabye13/
about 1 month ago

Important Information
Useful information for all of the Servers! Be sure to look for labels to help sort!
2 topics
2 posts
Welcome to the Global forum area for Aurora Craft. This is a general area for everything.
2 topics
4 posts
Monstro Town Zoo
by Whiteemerald /profile/Whiteemerald/
4 months ago

Off Topic
An area to talk about anything... your Aunt Sally, your dog Bueller, or that one guy's goats...
1 topics
5 posts

Want a more official introduction to our Network? Here's the place to do it!
4 topics
5 posts
Heyo Frendos
by teddyloves /profile/teddyloves/
4 months ago

A community is all about helping people. here is a section to create custom guides and information to share.
1 topics
1 posts

Be Creative
Did you draw something neat? Make a cool house or sculpted something incredible! Showcase it here for us to see!
1 topics
3 posts
Post your town here, let people know what you are exploring, sell items etc.
1 topics
3 posts
My House in Survival
by Roo /profile/Dinosmore/
4 months ago

Post awesome builds, request help for plots, and find folks to build with! Create amazing projects!
1 topics
2 posts

Attack of the B-Team
Showcase designs, build, look for partners, and more!
3 topics
5 posts

Show off your expansive Pokémon collection, builds, and achievements!
2 topics
2 posts
by Lullabye13 /profile/Lullabye13/
3 months ago
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