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Age: 24
Location: Georgia, United States
Discord: Jasper#8905
IGN: FatherJasper
6 months ago

We're so excited to be releasing the new 1.17 Update soon! With the update, we'll be making some changes to the Vanilla servers. I'll describe them below.


Survival will be the first server in our arsenal to be upgraded! It has the simplest design so fewer issues are likely to arise. At this time the Survival world will not reset. We plan to add 1 or 2 plugins with the update to make Survival for fun.


Creative will be the second server to be converted over. Not many changes will be happening to Creative. It's pretty solid all around.


Towny will be getting a bit of an overhaul. We've been working on a secret project we hope to release along side the upgrade. The Vanilla world will be completely reset. We also plan to adjust all shop prices and completely reset the economy. Please be sure to spend all your money if you wish. Everyone will be set to the same balance. Donors will have the option to receive half of their original rank payout by opening a ticket.


Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Look forward to seeing you online.