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Custom Missions Back
Custom enemies/bosses. I think this idea can work for towny and survival but I wanted to expand on what I said last time. I started personally working on an example in my town of a building that is constructed as a sort of dungeon with enemies that are personally designed by the staff on the server, with zombies that have custom weapons or potion effects that make them unique to this server. Those could be like mission events where people could be invited inside with multiple monsters and enemies waiting inside with some pretty good loot for those who participate. It could even have small bosses that guard good treasure and can be fought alone or with friends. And for larger groups, we could have another type of event where we made giant bosses with enough health to require multiple people to help beat it. Giants, giant slimes, giant magma cubes and giant phantoms could be a few examples or even a super ravager. I just thought that these combat based events could be fun to give players new things to do with friends and towns.
Whiteemerald Whiteemerald: 7 months ago
Lullabye13: 6 months ago