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Realistic Space Travel / Server Quest Back
Here is a simple suggestion, that I personally think could make a good impact on the server :)

Currently, you can not claim land on both the moon, nor marz. The moon resets every month so players can gather resources.

So lets think real life for a second.

What did we as humans do when we went to the moon?
We gathered materials, space rocks, intel, and left.

Now keep thinking further...

What do us humans want to do when we get to marz?
We want to gather materials, intel, but we also want to COLONIZE.


So what if there was a system in place, on the server,

Where players can go to the moon Via Galactic Craft, gather materials & loot, with the moon having monthly resets to keep the loot fresh, but players are unable to claim land (colonize) since we as humans didn't actually do that in real life.


When players go to marz, we can gather materials and intel, as well as claim land (COLONIZE)! Like we would in real life!

This can add a big goal for players on the server! It can also be considered a custom feature too!

The goal is, players have to work their way to marz, starting by going to the moon first and gathering materials to get them to marz, just like in real life!!!
gang gang: 6 months ago
Lullabye13: 6 months ago