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Ranks and Permissions

Rank: Default

Requirements: None



List available kits

/kit [name]

Acquire specified kit


List all places to vote


Get link to discord

/ar check or /ontime

View how long you have player on the server


Teleport you to spawn

/sethome or /sethome [name]

Create a home

/home or /home [name]

Teleport you to home

/delhome [name]

Delete a home


Random teleport

/tpa [playerName]

Request to teleport to a player

/tpahere [playerName]

Request a player teleport to you


Accept request to teleport


Deny request to teleport


List all available warps

/warp [name]

Teleport to location

/msg [playerName] [Message]

Private message a player


List the rules


View the message of the day


Send a message to a player even when offline

/bal or /money

View how much money you have


View top ten players with $$$

/pay [player] [amount]

Pay another player


Deletes the claim you are standing in


Deletes all claims



View your warnings

List all actions regarding crates

/wvoting [yes/no]

Vote when a player chooses to change weather or time

Other stuff:

- Can create land claims using the golden shovel

- Can set 2 homes


Rank: Member

Requirements: 2 hours of play time


Other stuff:

- Ability to create shops (an example is at /warp playershops)



Rank: Apprentice

Requirements: 12 hours of play time



Teleport to previous location

/ar check [playerName]

Check another players play time

/nick [nickname]

Can change your nickname by using /nick NewNickName


Gives a pet to another player

Other stuff:

- Can set 3 homes

- No longer wait 5 seconds to teleport



Rank: Chemist

Requirements: 24 hours of play time



Use the item in your hand as a hat

/bal [playerName]

Check another players balance

/buyclaimblocks [number]

Buy more claim blocks $100 per claim block

/wvoting [sun,storm,day,night]

Start vote to change the time or weather

Other stuff:



Rank: Physicist

Requirements: 3 days of play time



Access ender chest

Other stuff:

- Can set 4 homes

- Change colours of nickname using &[number] i.e. &1Nick&2Name



Rank: Biologist

Requirements: 6 days of play time



Feeds all players on the server (2h cooldown)


/workbench or /wbench

Open a crafting table

Other stuff:



Rank: Neurologist

Requirements:10 days of play time



Allows player to fly without morph or genetics

Other stuff:

- Can set 7 homes

- Change colours of chat test using &[number] i.e. &1Some &2colourful text